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Auto Gauge Boost Indicator

Auto Gauge Auto Gauge
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A boost pressure indicator useful both in everyday driving as well as in car tuning. Our vacuum bars are the highest quality and the latest series available in the Auto Gauge - SM Peak offer. All models are equipped with a peak, light and sound warning and an opening ceremony. The dial with a diameter of 52 mm is highlighted in three combinations of colours:

- amber + white 

- blue + white 

- green + white. 

A high-end stepper motor is responsible for readings - thanks to the stepper motor the clocks are fast and accurate. The set includes: 

- the bar (pd -1 up to 0 BAR) 

- pressure sensor 

- a cup tester with a mounting set 

- wiring 

- instruction 

- sticker 

- box 

Auto Gauge

Auto Gauge Boost Indicator

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