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Auto Gauge EGT indicator

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An exhaust gas temperature indicator - EGT. One of the most important indicators in car tuning. Allows keeping track of correctness of the blend by controlling the exhaust gas temperature. Our vacuum bars are the highest quality and the latest series available in the Auto Gauge - SM Peak offer. All models are equipped with a peak, light and sound warning and an opening ceremony. The dial with a diameter of 52 mm is highlighted in three combinations of colours: 

- amber + white 

- blue + white 

- green + white. 

A high-end stepper motor is responsible for readings - thanks to the stepper motor the clocks are fast and accurate. The set includes: 

- the bar (pd -1 up to 0 BAR) 

- pressure sensor 

- a cup tester with a mounting set 

- wiring 

- instruction 

- sticker 

- box.

Auto Gauge

Auto Gauge EGT indicator

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