1m Silicone pipe 152mm

FMIC.EU Silicone Hoses FMIC.EU Silicone Hoses
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FMIC.EU silicone connectors are a professional product made from highest grade of silicone with multi-layer reinforcement. Years of research and development and working with the best drifters and drag racers across Europe resulted in silicone connectors able to withstand tremendous pressures generated in the intake systems. Additional resistance to coolant, fuel fumes, grease and engine oil extends the use of our silicones to cooling systems, crankcase vents and many more. All FMIC.EU silicones are reinforced with 5 or 6 layers (depending on the diameter) of our unique pattern, developed in-house braid that despite being very strong provides high flexibility.
FMIC.EU silicones are a perfect choice when building a professional intake or cooling systems and are used by many renowned tuning workshops from all over the world.

Type: 1 meter

Interior dimensions: 152mm (external + 12mm) 

Length: 1m

Wall thickness: 6mm, 5x braid

Tested up to 7 bar at temperatures from -60°C up to +260°C