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Haldex Drag Racing Controller

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Haldex Drag Racing Controller is an essential device for every competitor using car equipped with a Haldex 4Motion system in drag racing. All the top drivers ( racing audi or VW) of the eastern Europe drag racing are using this device. Our haldex controller provides possibility of complete engaging during start and automatic disengaging above user selected speed. A huge advantage is the fact that it does not require any additional sensors, which allows to use 4Motion system in cars without ABS. The device can be successfully used in everyday cars, where rear drive engage can be seamlessly adjust with a potentiomete. Characteristic features of the device are as follows: full control over the rear drive engagement (50%-50%), potentiometer-controlled rear drive engagement, automatic disengagement of the drive after exceeding a set speed, oil overheating protection, disengagement of the drive with the parking brake applied, full device configuration + condition monitoring by means of a PC computer, 24-month warranty. Note: Modification of the Haldex module is required for the controller to operate properly. The said modification may be performed by the representatives of the Ecumaster Company within approximately 7 days. Hardware and software requirements: In order to exchange the vehicle-related data with the device in an efficient manner, the utilized personal computer has to meet the minimal requirements concerning hardware and software listed below. Due to the fact that the currently produced portable computers are rarely equipped with serial ports (COM), the device incorporates USB COM adapters making the connection to such a machine possible. Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 Operating System, Screen resolution: at least 800x600 16 bits, at least 500MHz processor, serial bus (RS232) or USB-to-RS232 converter. Kit components: DRAG RACING CONTROLLER device, RS232 (DB9) cable HDRC, set of plugs for connecting the device with the Haldex module. Modified Halex module (to be provided by the customer), Compact Disc containing software, drivers, and user’s manual (in Polish).


Haldex Drag Racing Controller

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