About us

     The FMIC Company has been present on the market since 2009. From the very beginning of its existence it has put strong emphasis on the highest quality of products and their availability, which is why the company has quickly become popular among customers, offering express delivery of top-quality parts on throughout Europe. This allows the company to rapidly develop its business and constantly expand its product range.

      FMIC has closely cooperated with leading tuning companies for many years, sharing the experience gained over the years. In response to their needs, and taking into account relevant specifications of parts used in tuning, FMIC has introduced its own product lines signed with the FMIC.EU logo. These are highest quality products designed for extreme applications, building a professional, highly efficient systems, i.e. intake, cooling, exhaust, etc.

      They have been appreciated by many professional racers - the following ones won their championship titles using the company's parts: Polish Drift Champions: Paweł Trela (2011), Bartosz Stolarski (2007, 2013, 2014), Maciej Bochenek (2010, 2012), Queen of Drift and Playboy Girl Karolina Pilarczyk, European Champion in Rallycross - Łukasz Zoll. An excellent example of their outstanding performance is also our demo car - dragster Opel TSUNAMI Calibra (2x R30 engine + 2x JRspec GT42R JB turbo) generating approximately 2000 HP.

     Our offer contains plenty of other products of renowned manufacturers that allow preparing a car for motorsport, and getting the maximum power from your engine.



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42-200 Częstochowa




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42-200 Częstochowa


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