BOV typ DV
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BOV DV type Properfekt

Properfekt Properfekt
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DV blow off valve by the ProPerfekt Company is a typical replacement to the stock BOSCH product. It may be of use if the original one has been malfunctioning or failing to maintain the boost pressure at a satisfying level. The valve is made out of aluminum using the two-piston technology. Its durability and longevity are therefore enhanced, especially while comparing the product with the original blow off valves. Pitch circle diameter: 2x25mm. No maintenance or regulation of the valve is needed after its installation.

The BOV is suitable for:

- VAG 1.8T engines,

- VAG 2.7 Bi

- Turbo engines,

- Porsche 911/996 turbo,

- Ford Focus RS,

- Renault Clio


BOV DV type Properfekt

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