Blow Off Properfekt Typ II
  • Blow Off Properfekt Typ II

Blow Off Properfekt Type II

Properfekt Properfekt
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Professional two-piston valve. Thanks to incorporating two synchronized springs, no maintenance or regulation of the pressure to around 2.5 bar is needed after its installation. The body of the valve is made out of PA06 polished aluminum and its diameter is equal to 60 mm. The diameter of the steering piston is 40 mm. The second piston, the main role of which is to ensure tightness is made out of Teflon. Due to the fact it serves its role perfectly, ensuring satisfactory tightness and reliability. Inlet diameter: 25mm (or 28mm, 30mm, 32mm, 35mm). While changing gears, the valve makes a loud, characteristic noise. It is perfect to use as a part of the so-called soft turbo systems and with powerful turbochargers.


Blow Off Properfekt Type II

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